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Who We Are

Most of our instructors completed Yoga Teacher Training in the same class through Health Advantage Yoga Center, graduating in March of 2015. We are made up of a wide variety of experiences, both in life and yoga, but during our year of training, we formed a strong community guided by patient and caring teachers. As our training neared its end, I felt a strong desire to continue that community and pass along what our teachers had shared with us, not only in teacher training, but throughout the years of our varied yoga practices.

I chose the phrase "balance. strength. ease." because that is what yoga has come to represent for me, both on and off the mat. The physical benefits of a practice have provided me with increased balance and strength as well as increased flexibility which contributes to an ease of movement. As my practice has deepened over the years, and in large part thanks to the community I feel privileged to be a member of, those benefits have flowed into every area of my life. The concepts of turning our gaze inward through connected breath and movement, and finding contentment in the present moment have helped bring balance to the many competing areas of my life. Yoga has taught me to be much kinder to myself over the years, and that nurturing has helped me to see the inherent value in myself and others, affording me the strength to face challenges that I might otherwise have found too daunting if I were not able to rely on my practice. Yoga has moved me toward a more mindful life, affording me an ease as I learn to slow down and savor every moment rather than rushing through to get to the next thing, place, activity. I believe these are common needs and concerns in most people's lives and wanted to provide a space where everyone can feel welcome to begin or grow their practice, regardless of their level of ability.

These are some of the reasons I decided to open bedrock YOGA. I welcome you to join our community so we can share the benefits and grow our practice together.

—Elizabeth Bailey, Director

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are certified through The Health Advantage Teacher Training Program. We limit our class sizes to provide personalized guidance for you as you grow in your practice. We believe that yoga can bring an enhanced quality of life to every practitioner and we are honored to assist you in your practice.

Amy MillholenAmy Millholen (RYT 200) Amy took her first yoga class in 2009, shortly after moving to Northern Virginia. She found yoga to be rewarding right away, and that encouraged her to continue with a regular practice. Over time, she grew stronger, increased her flexibility and balance, had less low back pain, and became more confident in her physical abilities. She completed The Health Advantage Yoga Center Teacher Training Program in March 2015. She believes yoga can help people of all ages enhance their quality of life with physical and mental benefits.

Elizabeth Richards BaileyElizabeth Richards Bailey (E-RYT 500)  Elizabeth committed more fully to her yoga practice in 2009 after a back injury. The physical benefits of yoga were immediately accessible, although not easy, but she was increasingly drawn to the less tangible benefits of stress relief, self-acceptance and mindfulness. She looks forward to sharing her ongoing growth with her students by providing accessible, informative classes that include a sense of fun! She continues to work toward a more mindful life where she can enjoy each moment as it happens. Elizabeth completed the Health Advantage Teacher Training in 2015 and completed her advanced teacher training at The Asheville Yoga Center where she deepened her studies in Meditation & Mindfulness, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Trauma, Yoga for Chronic Pain, Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga, Children's Yoga and Yin Yoga. Elizabeth is also a graduate of the Prison Yoga Project Training Program. Elizabeth holds a B.A. degree in Theatre and worked as a professional actor for 21 years.

Kim Paradisi Yoga Instructor at bedrock YOGA in ManassasKim Paradisi (RYT 200) Kim began her yoga journey in 2005. Since 2007, she has studied alignment-based yoga at Health Advantage Yoga Center and completed their Yoga Teacher Training Program. She continues to gain much inspiration from her many teachers. Not only has yoga helped build strength and flexibility, but it also has been a gift that has allowed her to look within, connect body and mind, and to let go of self-judgement, fear, and anxiety (or at least recognize and work with them when they appear). Yoga has greatly impacted her life for the better and she is passionate about sharing the gift of yoga with others. In her time outside of yoga, Kim is a pharmacist, is certified in plant-based nutrition from E-Cornell, and is excited about how changes in lifestyle can improve health and wellness.

Kristin CraigheadKristin Craighead (RYT 200) Kristin became interested in yoga in 2007 while attending massage therapy school in Hawaii. Kristin's instructors used yoga breathing and poses to help the students relax prior to classes and testing. Students noticed yoga helped, enhanced, and extended the benefits of massage. Kristin became a consistent and serious student of yoga, using yoga to help relieve stress, find deeper relaxation amidst her crazy military family life and stay flexible while increasing her distance running. Over the years her long distance running tapered off but her yoga practice deepened. The opportunity to attend teacher training and share her love of yoga arrived in 2014 and she is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to now share yoga with others. She loves teaching students new to the practice, those looking to strengthen their practice, shaping specific practices for private clients and Yin classes.

Michelle Grendzinski (RYT 200) Michelle has studied yoga at the Health Advantage Yoga Center since 2004, and completed the HAYC teacher training program in 2017. Michelle was drawn to alignment-based yoga because of its inherent ties to her lifelong interest in anatomy and physiology, and drawn to teaching because she enjoys sharing this knowledge with others. Michelle loves how anatomy makes people all alike, and at the same time, unique. Michelle wants to encourage her students to honor and explore the body they have today, with a yoga practice that gradually increases strength, flexibility, and resilience.

Shernita Parker at bedrock YOGA in ManassasShernita Parker (RYT 200)  Shernita has practiced yoga since 2001 and received her training from The Health Advantage Yoga Center in Herndon, Virginia in 2008. She teaches beginner, mixed level, and flow style classes. In her own practice and with students, she is fascinated by how the deepening of understanding anatomy enhances the practice of yoga. For her, yoga's focus on uniting the mind, body, and spirit provide a grounding to help one thrive in all areas of their life.

Sheryl BassSheryl Bass (RYT 200)   Sheryl has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and received her RYT-200 in 2012 from Health Advantage Yoga Center. Dance has been a large part of her life, so Sheryl considers her yoga style as a natural transition from alignment based ballet and modern dance, into alignment based Hatha yoga poses, breath work and mindfulness. She loves to share her mantra, "Live life, laugh often and dance like nobody is watching!" with students of all levels of yoga, young and young at heart.

Our Subs

When our regularly scheduled teachers are not available, we rely on former instructors as well as other graduates from the Health Advantage teacher training program.

Carole KeillyCarole Keily (RYT 200) Carole started practicing yoga in 1998 and has studied with, and been inspired by, a variety of teachers. She graduated from the teacher training program in 2015 with the Health Advantage Yoga Center. Carole received her Curvy Yoga certification in December 2015. As a musician, Carole finds yoga breath work remarkably similar to the breathing used in singing; in fact, her yoga practice complements her vocal practice. Finding a balance in life is important to Carole and she believes that yoga is a great way to find that balance.

Jan Alten bedrock YOGA InstructorJan Alten (RYT 200) Jan started practicing yoga in 2000 and quickly discovered its physical and mental benefits. She completed the Health Advantage Yoga Center Teacher Training in March 2015. Jan attributes her very speedy recovery from a total hip and partial knee replacements to her yoga practice. Her style of teaching is laced with humor and her focus is Mixed Gentle Yoga, mindfulness and an appreciation that yoga can benefit all ages and stages in life.

Joanne McCammonJoanne McCammon (RYT 200) has been practicing yoga for 10 years and since 2009 has practiced at Health Advantage Yoga Center. She studies alignment based yoga, believes in the benefits and positive energy of that style, and would like to teach that to others. Joanne received her teacher certification from the Health Advantage Yoga Center Teacher Training program in 2017.

Lisa Harris LeighLisa Harris Leigh (RYT 200) Lisa has practiced yoga since 2003. A veteran communications professional, she enjoys helping organizations and individuals tell their stories in print and online. Through clear, calm, individualized instruction, Lisa helps her yoga students attune body to breath, and emerge ready to live their most authentic life story. She holds a B.A. degree in English from Spelman College.

Rita SambrunaRita Sambruna (RYT 200) Rita started her yoga journey in 2001 and graduated from the teacher training program in 2015 with The Health Advantage Yoga Center. By studying with many renowned world-class yoga master teachers she continues to deepen her understanding and appreciation of yoga as a physical and a spiritual practice. In her classes, she strives to create a warm and nurturing teaching environment where students can progress at their own pace and unfold their full potential.

Rosemary EvansRosemary Evans (RYT 200)  Exploring yoga had been on Rosemary's bucket list for years but life continued to get in the way. In 2007 while walking her dog, she passed a yoga studio and something told her that the time had arrived. Yoga became a central part of her life from that first class. Beginning the asana practice enriched her physical and mental life so deeply and so quickly that she became interested in other aspects of yoga and the journey began in earnest. The latest step of the journey took Rosemary to teacher training as she has become so convinced that the power and beauty of yoga is available to all and she wants to share its magic with others.

Stephanie CohickStephanie Cohick (RYT 200)   Stephanie began a committed yoga practice in 2010. In 2015 she completed The Health Advantage Yoga Center's 200-hour teacher training program. Her yoga journey continues to surprise and amaze her with an understanding of her body and provide her tools to help alleviate the stresses of everyday life. Her teaching style is relaxed and fun with a focus on balancing a physical practice while quieting the mind.